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Robert Chown is a proud fifth-generation Portland native who is well-versed in all aspects of real estate, in particular, the real estate market in Portland, Oregon. His experience and passion come naturally since his lineage dates back to the beginnings of Portland. His great grandfather shaped historic neighborhoods such as Laurelhurst and Ladd’s Addition.

Real estate is not just a passion with Robert, it is family. Yet as important as family is to Robert, so is his city. Robert’s intimate knowledge of every quadrant of Portland provides an insight that gives him the ability to assist his clients in selecting and marketing homes based on individual needs, livability, investment plans, and even something as mundane as where to get the best slice of pizza.

Robert’s energy, professionalism, and tireless work ethic, along with his straight-talking demeanor, make him a respected and valued leader in the industry. Robert’s collegiate real estate education is beyond the agent level required by state law and his relevant life experience is beyond his years.  You will quickly find Robert to be responsive and efficient. His ability to negotiate aggressively and creatively on your behalf will always be to your advantage.

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