Dream Big!

I asked my son Tiger this morning what would you like guitar or drum lessons? Of course his answer, as a kid’s answer should be, “Both!!”. No thought process. No emotion. Just both. Why not? Why wouldn’t we? What’s from keeping us from doing it?

Ah, the beauty of childhood innocence. Part of me wishes we never lost this type of innocence. Innocence that fills a world of possibilities. Part of me knows that we can’t have it all. So where do we meet in the middle? When do we allow our minds to rest in a place of limitless opportunities? When do we focus on the black and white realities of life, almost forgetting that we have an inner child needing to be fed? This is something I struggle with everyday. Getting caught up in the “reality” of possibilities seems to limit what we truly are capable of. So I ask myself how do we create a system of dreams that also has it’s check and balances of reality? How do we dream big, but focus on the small stuff? How do we not let the chaos of reality affect our dreams?

My only answer to that question is time. Stop trading time for money. Freeing up time allows us to spend. Spending ourselves in our joys allows us to dream big. Spending ourselves in worlds of possibilities, rather than depths of comfort allow us to dream big. Thinking like a kid allows us to dream.

To all us dreamers…..dream on.

Mike Nuss

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