My Path to Investing: The Beginning

For me the idea of investing in Real Estate started around the age of 22. I was a young appraiser’s assistant on the brink of getting my full state license. Soon, I would be making some cash flow. I could … Continued

What Are the Next Areas to Gentrify?

I was asked last month at our monthly meeting about regentrification. More specifically, What are the next areas to gentrify? What a great question! Gentrification makes for great investing opportunities, so knowing where to buy makes sense from an investment stand … Continued

The World of Square Feet, Part 1

I was recently inspired to write my thoughts about Square Feet. The world of square feet is quite confusing, misunderstood and many times, misleading throughout the residential RE industry. This topic is an important one to me. The problem with … Continued

Wilamette Falls – Time is Essential

Great news for supporters of the Blue Heron Paper Mill redevelopment plan. After the initial sale of the building failed in August, the newest developer is in line (Article). Being a developer myself, my first thought is deal structure. Langley … Continued

Nationwide Foreclosures Activity is Declining

Nationwide foreclosures activity is declining. We talked last month at our Lucky Lab meeting about how we’re seeing the opposite of what happened prior to and during the housing market crash at this point in time. The conventional and government … Continued

Ah, the Evil Developer

Why is it that “developers” are often painted in such a poor manner? I often hear about how developers don’t think about others in the neighborhood. They’re hungry for money…They just do what they want and don’t care about others… … Continued

Why Height Matters

All of this talk about square footage has my mind reeling again. This time, it’s about building height. Why building height? Well, the height of a home has an interesting dynamic in the marketplace. Tall ceilings feel good. They feel … Continued

October Market Update

Busy Busy Busy! The tone of the industry. While new listing activity slowed (as expected) in October, closed sales actually increased compared to September. We spoke about this at our last First Monday of the Month REIA meeting. The market … Continued