Property Search Guidelines

My rule of thumb is the SORE THUMB rule: If a house sticks out in the neighborhood like a sore thumb, then I’m interested. I’m looking for the house that is well below the value of homes around it. The property the neighbors complain about.


New roof  |  New exterior lights & outlets  |  Replaced entire front porch

My Path to Investing: The Beginning

For me the idea of investing in Real Estate started around the age of 22. I was a young appraiser’s assistant on the brink of getting my full state license. Soon, I would be making some cash flow. I could … Continued

What Are the Next Areas to Gentrify?

I was asked last month at our monthly meeting about regentrification. More specifically, What are the next areas to gentrify? What a great question! Gentrification makes for great investing opportunities, so knowing where to buy makes sense from an investment stand … Continued

August RMLS Market Action Report

Finally getting around to reading RMLS Market Action report for the month of August. As expected, month to month numbers cooled from July to August. Closed sales and pending sales were both down. Supply levels increased only slightly (from 2.8 … Continued

Dream Big!

I asked my son Tiger this morning what would you like guitar or drum lessons? Of course his answer, as a kid’s answer should be, “Both!!”. No thought process. No emotion. Just both. Why not? Why wouldn’t we? What’s from … Continued