Mike Nuss – Founder •

Mike has an unrivaled passion for Portland real estate. With a background as a licensed appraiser for the last 18 years, Mike is a recognized expert in valuing, negotiating, and expanding Portland properties.

He has studied both real estate and economic trends throughout his career. Now, his familiarity with the Portland market gives him a strong and confident voice for his Monthly Market Update. As an investor, appraiser, and property manager, he looks at the industry through a uniquely comprehensive lens.

He enjoys golf, basketball, and spending time with his family.

Mike Nuss RareBird Real Estate

Tyler Combs – Founder •

Tyler Combs, Principal Broker RareBird Real Estate

Tyler geeks out on business management, deal structure and creative financing, and has raised millions of dollars of acquisition capital through an approach of integrity and honesty.
Originally from Portland, Tyler’s involvement in the community extends beyond his role with RareBird and as a licensed real estate broker. He has led youth soccer clinics in Oregon, as well as Uganda and Kenya, and he also serves on the Union Gospel Mission Board of Directors.

Tyler is a principal broker at RareBird Real Estate.

Sonia Houston – Operations Manager •

Sonia is no stranger to the real estate industry. She has managed teams in escrow and commercial real estate to move transactions smoothly across the finish line. She is a customer service expert, and at RareBird she is dedicated to ensuring every member has a truly amazing experience.

Sonia enjoys live music, gardening, swimming, and camping.

Sonia Houston

Chris Shaul – Property Manager •

Chris is truly the face of what property management looks like when done the right way. With a passion for building and supporting communities, Chris’s decade of experience in property management is significant.

Home grown in Portland, Chris has a conviction to influence a positive lifestyle for everyone that calls Portland home.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys football, fitness, playing guitar, and farmers markets.

 Eric Guess – Property Management Assistant •

Eric is happiest when he’s solving problems! Whether it’s a question about a lease, setting up a home theater system, or even network connectivity issues, he is the go-to guy. After attending UC Davis, Eric worked in commercial property management across the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Portland to get more sunshine.

Eric’s interests have truly taken him to the edges of the world, including spending 6 months in Antarctica! In his spare time he likes to work on old cars, visit the newest craft brewery in town, and enjoy a cup of black coffee with a book on the patio.